Back-flow Prevention

The Building Act 2004 requires all buildings to have a safe and adequate water supply. If there is any likelihood of contamination from a cross connection, an approved back-flow prevention device is required to eliminate it. This ensures that all end users are protected against contaminated water.

To maintain a current building warrant of fitness all back-flow devices must be inspected and tested annually, by an Independently Qualified Person (IQP).

All high and medium risk properties must ensure that the boundary back-flow devices on their property are tested annually. Properties that are not tested, nor comply with the legislation will be automatically classified as high risk.

If you carry out activities on your property that use harmful substances which could enter the public water supply, it is your legal obligation to install a boundary back-flow prevention device. All costs associated with the installation, operation, maintenance, and/or repair of this device is your responsibility. It is also your duty to ensure you get your back-flow device tested each year.
If your device fails the annual test, you will need to make the necessary repairs and submit the certified documentation. You are legally responsible for protecting the water on your property and ensuring that you don’t contaminate the public water supply. This starts at your water meter and includes your entire property’s water system.

For all of the above we can assist in the following:

  • Annual testing of back-flow valves
  • New installs
  • Repairs on faulty or damaged back-flows
  • Upgrades
  • Help you pick the right valve for your building

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