Central Heating:

Modern homes, schools, retirement villages and a lot of commercial buildings are equipped with central heating, such as boilers which heat under floor heating, radiators, portable hot water or even hvac systems. This becomes a very efficient and cost-effective system as you can utilise one heat source to service all your heating needs in your home or building.

Radiators have been around in domestic and commercial applications for some time. As time progresses the design, look and technology is growing; making them more efficient, cost effective and they look smarter too.

Modern radiators generally have a long-life span; however, some issues can still occur due to age, water quality, incorrect installation or poor maintenance. We can assist with leaks, cold spots, loose installations or faults in the system.

Solar water:
More and more domestic houses and commercial buildings are leaning towards Solar heating to become more energy conscious and save on heating costs. We have many years’ experience in new installs, alterations, upgrades and servicing of solar heating systems.

For new installs, we have connections with specialist designers who will assist in designing the right systems to meet your requirements. Once you have a design and are happy with the set out we can provide a tailored quote to install the system for you.

Under floor heating:
Becoming very popular in high spec houses, hospitals, retirement homes, schools and some commercial applications, under floor heating is a cost effective and efficient solution to heating a room or building.

You get the benefits of no hot air being blown around the room, maximise space with no large heaters or components in each room, quiet and it creates an evenly balanced heating solution across the whole room.

For all of the above we can assist in the following:

  • Repair leaks
  • Inefficient systems
  • New installs
  • Alterations
  • Upgrades
  • Faults in the system
  • Servicing plans to suit the system

Feel free to call us or send a message and we’ll assist you with any queries you may have.


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