Commercial Plumbing

In the commercial building industry the look, performance and flow of a building, and the way it services its customers is crucial.

We have over 10 years’ experience in ensuring commercial high-rise buildings, apartments, hotels, offices and shops run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. The services we provide range from unblocking a toilet to upgrading the hot water system for the building. We highly recommend putting preventative maintenance checks in place.

The maintenance of plumbing systems and fixtures in a building are vital to the life span and functionality of that product.

If we find something that has already, or looks like it might cause damage to the building in the future, we will bring it up with you as a means of being proactive. If these faults are left unrepaired or unresolved it can cause extensive damage, which in the long run will cost more and potentially disrupt tenants or clients in the building or household.

We pride ourselves in being honest and constructive with our checks and findings. We will never bring something up as a means to make more money or get more work. This is how we stay loyal; respecting our customers and clients by trying to prevent extensive unknown repairs or damages.

On our routine maintenance checks we look for the following:

  • Toilets running on or leaking
  • Lose or broken toilet seats
  • Check for leaks under basins, around accessible pipework, under kitchen sinks, in wet areas etc.
  • Temperature of water.
  • The New Zealand standard regulates the maximum temperature of water in different buildings / environments.
  • Pour water down and check floor wastes
  • Make sure all toilets and urinals flush correctly and adequately
  • Look over hot water cylinders, instantaneous hot water units or boilers
  • Water usage and inform of any possible water saving which could be installed
  • Organise sumps and drains to be cleared in carparks
  • Organise grease traps to be cleared and cleaned
  • Organise pump servicing or repairing.
  • Test the water pressure to prevent damaging tapware, valves or fixtures.
  • Check filter cartridges for taps, fridges, water coolers, Billi units, Zenith units or water main inlets.
  • Check over baths and showers for cracks, chips or silicon seals perishing
  • Check over Silicon in wet areas to prevent water damage

Feel free to call us or send a message and we’ll assist you with any queries you may have.

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